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I’m open for personal use, commercial work & outsource for game and projects.
Open for personal use / commercial work.

To contact me, please mail me.

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◆How to Pay

Payment method is PayPal.

You can pay when After color rough confirmation.
I will send a Paypal invoice. Please pay within 72 hours.
Full prepayment. No refund or exchange.


・Scenery, Background 175USD
・Character+Background Illustration 210USD

・Character 105USD
・Monster Character 105USD


・Character design

・More characters
Shown prices are per character. Every character multiplies the price.

・About complex design
Characters with a complex design come with an extra cost depending on the difficulty.

・If you wish to keep me commissioned work and achievements private:

◆I will do/I will not do

[OK]I will do
Background, Scenery, Natural objects, Sky, Fantasy, Monster design

[NG]I will not do
NSFW, Gore, Hate Art
Fan Art not permitted by official guidelines
Portrait of a real person, Realistic insects

◆ About commercial use

・ 1x price, not for commercial use
Personal use means the drawing won’t generate to you any kind of profit, and is something you wish to have for personal enjoyment.

・1.5x price, Commercial use rights
Half of the production fee is added.

・2x price, Transfer of copyright
Same amount as production fee is added.

YouTube assets (banners, avatars, artwork use in videos) and any ad-supported sites count as commercial.

◆How to Order

Fill out the order form and send us an email.


◆The production flow

The production flow:
(1) Hearing about specific images and specifications.
(2) Color rough production (correction if necessary)
(3) After confirmation, I will send a Paypal invoice. Please pay within 72 hours.
(4) Full production (correction if necessary)
(5) Once you confirm it, I will send you the full size image.

Delivery time:
Please allow 14 days to 1 month for delivery depending on the contents and timing of your request.

Number of revisions:
Up to 2 times
Additional fees may be charged for major revisions prior to completion.

Deliverable file:
High-resolution JPG/PNG/PSD of specified size.

◆Order Templete


・Type of commission:
・Paypal mail address:

・Specifications of deliverables:
・Desired size(px), format (JPG, PNG, PSD), resolution(dpi):
・Intended use:
・Commercial use:

・Character name:
・Who did the original design? (yourself, was adopted, from game/anime, etc)
・Character expression/personality/poses

・Background: (simple / transparent / optional)
・Extra: (if you want add more info, like pose, expression, more specific info, etc)


Prices shown are for private use.
Please inquire if commercial use is included.
Commissions without consultation and retakes are accepted in Skeb.

I may(or may not)upload the finished illustration to my website, SNS, or publish it in doujinshi.

Prohibit Exhibit to NFT.
Prohibit loading images into AI learning.

My English is not very good.
I am using a machine translation.
I would apprecate your understanding.

Thank you so much for interested in my works!

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